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Visible light assisted photocatalysis using spherical shaped BiVO4 photocatalyst
Year of publication 2021
Title of paper Visible light assisted photocatalysis using spherical shaped BiVO4 photocatalyst
Authors Hunge, Y., Uchida, A., Tominaga, Y., Fjuii, Y., Yadav, A.A., Kang, S.-W., Suzuki, N., Shitanda, I., Kondo, T., Itagaki, M., Yuasa, M., Gosavi, S., Fujishima, A., and Terashima, C.
Volume 11(4)
Pages 1 - 11
Journal Catalysts (2019 I.F. = 3.520)
Link 관련링크 36회 연결

In this research work we reported the synthesis spherical shaped BiVO4 photocatalyst by cost effective, simple, chemical hydrothermal method and studied the effect of deposition temperatures on the structural, morphological, optical properties. XRD result confirms that the monoclinic scheelite phase of BiVO4. XPS study confirms the occurrence of Bi, V, and O elements and also found that Bi and V exist in +3 and +5 oxidation states respectively. SEM micrographs show the spherical shaped morphology of BiVO4 photocatalyst. Optical investigation shows that the bandgap of BiVO4 catalyst varies between 2.25 to 2.32 eV. As synthesized BiVO4 photocatalyst was used to study photocatalytic degradation of crystal violet dye under visible light illumination. Photocatalytic degradation experiment shows that the degradation percentage of crystal violet dye using BiVO4 has reached 98 % after 120 min. Mineralization of crystal violet dye is studied using chemical oxygen demand analysis.